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1 January 2012

Datblygiad Proffesiynol / Professional Development

Yr wyf wedi mwynhau brofiadau helaeth o ddatblygiad proffesiynol gan gynnwys cyrsiau hyfforddiant, gwobrau a gweithgareddau gwirfoddol ar draws ystod eang o feysydd.

I have enjoyed extensive professional development experiences including training courses, awards and voluntary activities across a wide range of fields.

Allwedd / Key:

Gwobr / Award    
Codi Arian / Fundraising    
Hyfforddiant / Training  
Gwaith cynrychioli / Representative work  
Cynhadledd polisi / Policy Conference

2017 Setting up and Refreshing Networks (Participation Cymru)
2017 PIP Mandatory Reconsideration (Royal Mencap)
2017 Fire Theory Training (Royal Mencap)
2017 Yr Ail Wobr / Second Prize, Grŵp Offerynol (Sesiwn Caerdydd), Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru
2017 Understanding Behaviour and Personal Safety (Royal Mencap)
2017 Personal Independent Payments: Challenging Decisions (Social Welfare Training Ltd.)
2017 Total Communication One Day Training Course (Hywel Dda Health Board)
2017 Data Security (Royal Mencap)
2017 Regional Voluntary Sector Network member (SCVS, NPT CVS, BAVO)
2017 Western Bay Partnership Board: Third Sector Representative
2016 Raised £365 for Mencap
2016 Mental Health First Aid (SCVS, Swansea)
2016 First Aid (Royal Mencap)
2016 Restorative Approaches (Tros Gynnal Plant)
2016 Yr Ail Wobr / Second Prize, Grŵp Offerynol (Sesiwn Caerdydd), Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru
2016 Board of Management, Y Stafell Fyw, Caerdydd / The Living Room, Cardiff
2015: Yr Ail Wobr / Second Prize, Grŵp Offerynol (Sesiwn Caerdydd), Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru
2016 “Total Communication Induction Training” (Hywel Dda Health Board)
2016 “Induction to Royal Mencap” (Royal Mencap)
2016 Risk Assessment Training (Alpha Safety)
2016 Raised £200 for BBC Children in Need
2016 Raised £200 for Alzheimer’s Research UK
2015: Yr Ail Wobr / Second Prize, Grŵp Offerynol (Sesiynwyr Caerdydd), Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru
2015 Microsoft Excel 2007 Introduction (Computer Tutoring)
2014: Raised £660 for Home-Start UK
2014 Y Wobr Gyntaf / First Prize, Grŵp Offerynol (Criw’r Caio), Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru.
2014  Volunteer Preparation Course (Home-Start UK)
2014: “Poverty and Welfare Reform in Wales” (Policy Forum for Wales, Cardiff, 13/02/14.
2013-15 Representative of Home-Start UK on WCVA Equalities Network
2014: Representative of Home-Start UK on “Children are Unbeatable” Strategy Group, 08/01/14.
2013: Raised £60 for DEC Philippenes Typhoon Appeal
2013: “Induction Training for School Governors” (Carmarthenshire County Council, 18/11/13)
2013 “Good Governance Makes a Difference” (Governors Wales, Swansea, 24/10/13)
2013: “Using Data: Raising Standards” (Carmarthenshire County Council, 23/10/13)
2013: Representative Home-Start UK at Children in Wales AGM (09/10/13)
2013: Christian Aid Wales Committee Terms of Reference: ex-officio contribution
2013:  In-school induction for parent governors (Ysgol Gymraeg Parc y Tywyn, 18/11/13)
2013: Y Wobr Gyntaf / First Prize, Tlws Coffa John Weston Thomas, Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru.
2013: Raised £85 for Water Aid
2012: “Measuring soft outcomes” (WCVA)
2012-2013: Ex-Officio Trustee, Dr Daniel Williams’s Educational Fund
2012: Raised £65 for Ceredigion Flood Appeal
2012: Appointed Parent Governor of Ysgol Gymraeg Parc y Tywyn
2011-2013 Ex-officio member, Interfaith Council for Wales
2011 – 2013: Member, Christian Aid Wales National Committee
2011 – 2013: Ex-Officio Trustee, James Pantyfedwen Foundation
2011: Raised £1,113 for Leukaemia Research (Cronfa Tomos Owen Memorial Fund)
2011: Raised £200 for Save The Children EarthquakeTsunami Relief
2011: Y Wobr Gyntaf / 1st Prize, “Blog”, Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru
2011: Yr Ail Wobr / 2nd Prize, Tlws Coffa John Weston Thomas, Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru.
2011: “Facilitation Skills” (General Assembly of Unitarian & Free Christian Churches)
2010: “Awareness of visual impairments” (Royal London Society for the Blind)
2010: Raised £27.10 for DEC Haiti Earthquake Appeal
2009-2010 Representative of Disability Law Service on WCVA Equalities Network
2009-2010 Representative of Disability Law Service on WCVA Health and Social Care Network
2009:The Single Equality Bill: Developing A Fairer Britain For All” (Inside Government)
2009: First Aid (British Red Cross)
2009: “Handling Difficult Contacts” (The Samaritans)
2009: Raised £4270 for Parkinsons Disease Society
2008: Annual Local Service Boards Conference, Cardiff (Welsh Government)
2008: “Enforcing the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act: An end to Environmental Crime” (Inside Government)
2008: Elected as Member of Pembrey and Burry Port Community Council
2008: Away Day with senior officials of the Environment Agency in Wales, studying fly-tipping and conservation projects. (Keep Wales Tidy)
2008: Eco-schools Assessor Training (Keep Wales Tidy)
2008: Delivered training on LEAMS to Carmarthenshire County Council officers
2008: Facilitation Skills (Participation Cymru)
2008: Representative of Keep Wales Tidy on Wales Environment Link Advocacy Group
2008: Health and Safety Awareness (RT Training)
2008: An introduction to Manual Handling (RT Training)
2008: Lone Worker Training (Keep Wales Tidy)
2007: “Making Futures Matter” Conference (Cardiff University Observatory of Innovation)
2005: Raised £1240.40 for MIND
2002: Scholarship: Appalachian Studies Association Annual Conference (Helen, GA).
2000: Young Political Leaders (Irish Institute, Boston College, Massachusetts)
1999: Observing opinion research gathering for the 1999 Welsh Election Survey (ESRC)

1999: Accompanying international observers of the first elections to the National Assembly for Wales (British Council)