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5 May 2016

"Leicesteryou, Leicesterme, Leicesterday"

Indebted to my old school friend Yoric Clarke for sending me Tuesday's copy of the Leicester Mercury in the post.

Although I spent my childhood in Leicester, I didn't choose Leicester City as my team - probably on account of the sibling rivalry with my brother who is a loyal City fan to this day. 

I have ended up as an AFC Wimbledon fan, and I share a partisan devotion to that club with my daughter, who can truely claim to be a lifelong Womble having been to 4 matches with me since the age of 6. I dream of taking her to Wembley for the League 2 Play-Off final this year...

Nevertheless, as a boy I tagged along with my brother and my Dad to watch Leicester at Filbert Street, and enjoyed a number of pulsating games there during the 1983-84 Gary Lineker era, and saw City on the odd occasion in the 2000s.

Over the last few years I have felt a great deal of homesickness for Leicester and the wider Midlands region, and, as my photoblog shows - I cherish every chance to travel around the area. 

Last year I was made redundant from a job that was connected to Leicester, and life has been a little bit of a battle since then.

To have Leicester win the league is absolutely mindblowing. It is the only sporting event I have ever cried tears of joy over. 

I don't want or need to buy "LCFC Champions" merchandise. I won't sing about following City on their "European tour". I would relish AFC Wimbledon pulling Leicester out of the bag in the FA Cup next year and knocking the Foxes out.

No, it's more than football. Leicester winning the league has brought with it an indescribable feeling of contentment, of something very deep down having been made complete. 

I don't write much on this blog but... bloody hell! Leicester City!