"These moments given, are a gift from time" (Kate Bush). Di-alcohol / Alcohol-free 22/03/15 always.

1 January 2017

Reflections on life....


I have found it helpful of late to view my life as an ongoing process of recovery from a series of painful situations in the past. Whilst a good deal of this pain was my own responsibility, it has been interlinked with a complex series of heartfelt bereavements, losses and life changes for which I was not to blame, but was totally unprepared for emotionally.  It has been quite a complex task to navigate a path through these difficulties, not least with a precious young family at the heart of my life. However, I am hopeful that my life can blossom in a very profound way from this point onwards.

My starting point is 23rd March, 2015, when I decided to not drink alcohol for the immediate future. Within a short period of time, it became clear that a temporary decision was going to turn into a lifelong commitment, and it has now become a central part of my values and way of life. 

Since then, I have been blessed with quite a lot of insight and perspective. It has been overwhelming at times, but also a remarkable process of self-discipline, faith, love and hope. A roughly equal measure of sunshine and rain.

I have come to learn that difficulties are a natural part of life. In that respect, I'm nothing special ("in fact I'm a bit of a bore", to complete the ABBA song lyric!). In my own adversity, I know that millions - billions - more people on the planet are suffering intolerable hardships, and that I have it pretty easy in comparison.

Nevertheless, these notes are the product of many months of hard emotional and intellectual work and it is not the easiest decision to publish them. I have done so for a couple of reasons. First, as an aide memoire for myself, to keep track of the process, and indeed the progress which I demand of myself

More importantly, I put these notes up in the hope that they might help someone else. I have learned that referrals and prescriptions for mental health problems have increased on a staggering scale in the UK over the last 30 years or so. Whilst my own problems have been relatively mild, I have had to count on all of my analytical skills to pull through. I hope these notes will find anyone, maybe friends who have surfed in from Twitter or Facebook, who are in the position of finding life to be an everyday battle, perhaps to the point of asking if life is even worth living at all. If someone else gains a bit of insight from my thoughts, then it will have been worth it

I have arranged my thoughts under the following themes
Well, I'm going to let these thoughts sit on my blog, and hope that they will help anyone who stumbles across them.